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Create a new chat group Room password error. modified to fit rules access the existing groups here Your Name: Group Description: At least 6 letters, case sensitive - DO NOT SHARE (password is for editing group only) Tags: (Separated by commas) Tags are keywords that describe your group so others can find it. E.g. a group for racing could be tagged: race,nascar,car. If for non-english users include your language e.g. Francais. THIS MUST BE A VALID E-MAIL ADDRESS TO ACTIVATE YOUR GROUP. Create Group Group Name: Password: is already a group group name is reserved group name already exists Optional - Address of web page that will feature/promote this group For instant help with your xat go here: %s For other problems, comments or suggestions please use the xat community here: %s xat === THIS IS AN AUTOMATED MESSAGE, PLEASE DO NOT REPLY ===

Thank you, your group applcation has been processed.
A confirmation e-mail has been sent. You now need to click on the link in that email to activate your group.

N.B. if you do not receive an email check your spam inbox.

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If you still cannot find your email then you may need to reapply using an email provider that works. Try a Gmail account. If your email provider does not deliver our emails you will not be able to operate your chat.

Please Activate xat chat group:%s Hello %s, Click the link below to activate your %s group and become owner : %s (NB the name is not reserved and the group is not activated until you have clicked on this link) Another email will be sent confirming activation.

Chat Groups are shared chat rooms for a specific purpose. This could be to discuss a particular subject (e.g. music, anime, computer games), for a specific age group or type of person (e.g. 20 something, students) or for a specific country / language. You can access the existing groups here.

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